June 6, 2012

sorry my family

Recently, have a lot bad news around me , 
all is about my body .. 

Monday i went to body check, whn i go take report Doctor say my body too weak , if can dont touch any alcohol and cold drink & food...  ( i hope doctor is Kidding me .:( )

I let my family scold because let them worries n worries ..

ya, i admit am so pain whn my Narcotic is pass .. 
but i lie mommy i say wont pain with you, because i know you heart more pain ..  

Sorry my family i let you all worries ,
im not your good baby girl , Im sorry ~ I promise i will listen what doctor say .. Love you my family <3

I fall in love with this song 

愛讓我們變得比單身愚笨 也讓我們擁有從未的完整 
問也不問就越陷越深 如果不是那個吻 
那年會更冷 相信變成了某種特殊天分 
緣分只是自欺欺人的天真 想念總是在夜裡狂奔 特別像他著魔的眼神 

好難得 你遇見了對的人 難得你很認真不想太多去奮不顧身 
好難得 你愛上了對的人 可惜他不是你的可能 

我們都曾以為愛就像清晨 原來最難挨過的竟是黃昏 
我們都愛過某個詩人 可是詩人也是平凡人 

好難得 你遇見了對的人 難得你很認真不想太多去奮不顧身 
好難得 你愛上了對的人 可惜他不是你的可能 
好難得 我們遇見了對的人 難得好幾輩子的好運才有幾回完整 
好難得 我們愛上了對的人 就算他不是她最後的人 也祝他更勇敢愛別人 

你聽一聽 地老天荒做憑證 來年就像這歌 情話動聽 都不及琴弦任性 感動隨聲 流入你壯麗心境 合奏著偉大愛歌 天也感到震驚 愛 響徹懸崖和絕嶺 你聽一聽 地老天荒做憑證 來年就像這歌 快樂感性

♥ °

April 15, 2012

Sorry for late Update :D

Harlo My blogger Friend How are you ? :D

Finally Now i free :D

Recently, i keep busy on my job n keep go out xp ..

Anyway ,
In This 7month i have a wonderful life ,


Let's upload my Recently pic :)

Everynite also out >< i fat dy izit ? :((

I love Mocha <3 :D

Boring at work :<

She are in this 7month always accompany me , I happy Enjoy with She <3 Thanks darling so much* heart you.. <3 <3

Recently , I keep On this app "Instagram .. Follow me up  , I will everyday post some picture on Instagram :))

Hope your all have a wonderful life .. :D .

wait my next post ^^

September 9, 2011

Im Back ~

Finally Have time to update my Blogger ..
i look so long dint come here l ~

Actually ,
Now my mood so down .. I do a things duno right or wrong ? very trouble now ..
Izit me too tired ? Izit me so sensitive ? LOL !

This two month really feel trouble & suffer ~ Wanna How only can without it ?!

Help me My Friend's ~  I need you all now T^T

Well ,
Yesterday 8/9/2011 is our 2years Anniversary ~Nthg special ; Just wanna say with you at here:  Dear, Thanks you and Sorry ~ forgive me please :(

Recently ; i so like this Cartoon '' The Smurft ''
Smurf this movie so much.. Feel back when i small that time ; what oso no need trouble  :))
If can i wish  forever dwn grow up :D  Naive ==

Recently d look , look so tired izit ?

Hope will get what i want soon ~ Bless me :)

July 16, 2011


 My Birthday :)

Yesterday, when i finished my Morning Job .. I just go Kelly Home changes clothes and make up :)

Prepare out ^^
I Be driver on yst nite .. we plan go The Curve*The Garden have we dinner *

 Sweetie Queenie :)

We Order .. All edy so hungry , hehe

we favorite  
 Queenie -
 Kelly -
 Rice - two of order same :)

 This is Mine .. Yummy .. nom nom nom ~


My Birthday Cake .. ! I like so long dint have Birthday Cake l.. Thanks you all Sweetie  

Hope i wish Can be True ^^

1. Im want be Rich Girl and Pretty Girl
2. I want My all Friend My Family At My Side d people n everyone all Happy ,Happiness ,Healthy and 平安 :)
3. Secret :))

:) Happy when i eat this cake , Feel so happiness  thanks you all

After tat ?
sure crazy take pic In toilet lah, hehe

After second round go fetch jessica yamcha chat Girl things

but around 12am i edy so tired , so i back first :)
& duno why my eye so pain..

whn i reach home see the mirror . LOL ! have a pimple im my eyelid  >o
waoo! shit !
 . damn pain n tickle >< wanna cry TT

 Cant slp well on yst nite , :(

Anyway !

Thanks Kelly And Rice d Present's And Queenie d Birthday Cake .. ^^

Love you all Sweetie !


Hey , my blog friend .. im come bck update my blogger ^^
sorry so long dint update it .. because too busy ^^


I went go DamanSara Perdana WAKAKA CountDown my birthday :)
i so happy on tat days,  thanks you all guys company me  !! :)

and thanks you all lighter.. haha

 blur ==

sanny join me when she give me bday present ..
 thanks darling Sanny ♥

this lotion is me so want one .. So touch whn she gv me and Birthday Song, so got Heart       :(    

Another i want thanks Mr.R ,


I so surprise When him gv me this present :(
and Him make d CD . Very Sweet and touch , make me Tears !

Pls, next time dun waste money agn *

July 2, 2011

25/6-2011 Maison nite

Sorry , I late update ^^

Last Saturday , edy Promise Dexwin go him bday party ..
but go before i go Yap party first,  this year really so many ppl birthday ..

My look ^^
Im a Fat girl ~

After 11pm just go Maison Celebrate Mr.Dewxin Birthday :))

nthings to say . just see d pic ba ;)

happy birthday , u so happiness

♥ °